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Responding promptly to environmental changes Aiming for steady growth in six product categories  Shigeki Hirokado, Executive President

Focusing on three core technologies―mechanical, electrical and hydraulic―Kayaba System Machinery supplies a wide range of products and technologies in six areas such as theater equipment, vibration control devices, and testing systems. In recent years, demand for vibration control devices has expanded as social awareness of earthquake resistance increases. The market for testing systems is also becoming more dynamic as overseas demand expands in line with car makers shifting their production bases overseas. Meanwhile, in areas where demand is expected to drop due to environmental changes, we will maintain a flexible posture by anticipating and targeting the development of new markets.

One of the key issues in our company is how to discern the trends in the various product categories in different market environments and then roll-out an appropriate strategy in response. Based on this, I would like to aim for steady growth in the business by maintaining balanced growth in the six product categories.

The other issue is the nurturing of management and engineering staff. As the generation of baby boomers heads for retirement and withdraws from active service, there is a need to ensure that the know-how cultivated through the years are handed down and appropriate measures are taken to further development and growth. Manpower development needs to be considered from both an internal and external perspective. For example, I would like all the company staff to learn from the customers and to better understand the business and technology while striving to meet their requirements.

The construction of the new factory in Mie completed 2013. The reconstructed office annex is fitted with our company’s dampers and serves as a showroom for customers. In the new factory, a lean production system, where the flow of goods and production information is closely linked, has been introduced. Equipment dedicated to the testing of large dampers in response to long-period, long-amplitude seismic waves has also been installed. The production line has been designed to demonstrate reliability and cost-efficiency in our production.

Customer needs are constantly changing and evolving. We must also continue to constantly upgrade ourselves in wide-ranging areas so as to maintain our technological capabilities and keep up with customers’ requirements. In order to realize our vision of “Providing Valuable Systems”, our entire company has to remain united in our efforts. I hope to have your continued guidance and support then.

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